Elite Blue Bluexus BELKICE – „Bela“ (chocolate)

Elite Blue Bluexus BELKICE – „Bela“ (chocolate)


 Import Hungary

M: Szilagysomlyoi Vadasz Roxana (creme)

F: Epics Lavender at Ruby Red (lilac)


Description: chocolate female, correct compact type, proper topline and backline, good pigment, small ears lying flat against the head, almond-shaped eyes, scissors bite, well placed and carried tail.


Czech Junior Champion



12.01.08 - National dog show Olomouc - Very promissing 1

10.02.08 - International dog show Brno - Very promissing 2

13.04.08 - National dog show Ostrava - Excelent 1, CAJC

10.05.08 - Club exhibition KMDPP Hluèín - Excelent 1, CAJC, Junior Club winner

10.05.08 - District Exotic club exhibition in Hluèín - Excelent 1, Class winner, club champion in waiting list

09.08.08 - Exotic club dogs exhibition Kladno - Excelent1, CAJC, club champion in waiting list