SHAR-PEI Breeding History

14.03.2010 13:07

Standard FCI nr. 309 of Jan. 25th, 1994

Country of origin: China

Patronage: HONGKONG

Usability: hunting dog and guard dog

FCI classification: group 2, division 2 - moloss, without working exam

History of the breed

Shar-Pei came from the area if GUANGZHOU (Canton) called Dialack. The ancestors of toady's Shar-Pei originate from the period of the dynasty HAN (2nd century A.D.) They came from Chinese countryside. They got their name from the countryman, too. SHAR-PEI means sand coat in Chinese.

Shar-Pei standard

It is a compact dog, square in profile, suitable for families, loving children, lively, active, independent and devoted.

Head is slightly, but not overly large for the body, the skull is flat.

Muzzle is big, wide, black coloured is preferred.

Eyes are dark, almond shaped, with scowling expression.

Ears are small, triangle shaped, slightly rounded at the tips.

Teeth are strong, with full scissors bite.

Tongue is bluish-black.

Neck is short and strong.

Shoulders are well muscled, well laid back. Forelegs are strong and straight.

Chest is wide, deep, back is short and straight.

Back is muscular and strong, with slight angle.

Paws are moderate in size, compact, with well arched toes.

Tail is high set, curling over the back or curved.

Legs are straight, moderately spaced.

Coat is prickly, short, harsh touch, without undercoat.

Colouring: solid colour, black, red, creamy, light to dark sandy.

Height: 46-51cm in the withers.