About us

14.03.2010 13:20


Kennel BEST PEI was established in 2000 and is specialized exclusively in Shar-Pei. Currently we are the biggest Sharpei kennel in the Czech Republic. We are specialized in rare coloured sharpeis (izabella, blue, chocolade) and black champions line.


The founder of our kennel was a black brood bitch CH. IVETA GRAF MARION, which, unfortunately, passed away on Dec. 27th, 2004 in the age of nearly 6 years. But she has stayed in our hearts forever. Her good nature, her devotion she always showed us made us be faithful to this breed. She started our exhibition career and was awarded with a number of prizes. She was a CR Champion, 12x CAC, 4x CACIB, 2x BOB, National Winner, 2x Club Winner, District Winner and an honorary Club champion of the Exotic Club.


Fortunately, she had a son, CH. ARON BEST PEI, who inherited not only her good nature, but her beauty, too. His very successful exhibition career is an evidence of it - he is one of the most successful Shar-Peis in the Czech Republic. He obtained a number of titles - BOB - breed winner, he received one of them from the president of FCI (International kynologic organization) Hans MULLER.


We simply got enchanted with Shar-Pei.


They are great companions, loving and devoted to their families, they love children. This breed is special not only for its appearance, but for its character as well.


This dog will follow you everywhere, it is not a problem for them to walk many kilometres with you or to lie patiently close to you and wait for you to do something together. They require instant contact with their families; this is why this breed is not good choice for people who want a dog as an accessory or who want to let them live in their kennel most of the time. Such people would be happier with a teddy dog. 


Our puppies found their new homes around the world, in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Indonesia.