Datum: 02.02.2018 | Vložil: Iry & John

Talos is an amazing little puppy! Intelligent, healthy and adorable :-). As his name suggests he really is Choco Best Pei.
There were shar peis in the family before, one was very healthy and one died shortly after he arrived. He was always sick and was the proof of bad breeding.
We took a risk by getting Talos and we are so glad we did! We went across Europe to meet him and his parents and also Lada and Valery and everything worked out great.
He has the perfect amount of energy, not too much, not too little. He learns quickly and is already on party tricks like take a bow, shake paw and play dead.
He loves traveling and was the star of people's days all over Europe.
We will definitely come back for another family member!
He talks a lot and gets angry easily and he snores like a village of old men. But he has brought us a lot of joy and happiness.
Sending Lada, Valery and Talos's parents Coca Cola and Kiss some Swedish hugs <3 :) :)

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